Over 2 billion people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water, including 450 million children.

This is mainly caused by the lack of an affordable and adequate infrastructure to guarantee a continuous treatment, distribution and supply.
This often leads to dire circumstances: serious illnesses due to contaminated drinking water, low livelihoods and the loss of human dignity.

Your contribution helps us make clean drinking water accessible to all through affordable and sustainable water treatment.

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By treating water smartly and efficiently, clean drinking water becomes accessible to everyone.

Q4W (Quality for water) has developed an innovative technology to treat contaminants water efficiently and sustainably. The technology is based on simple processes to provide clean drinking water.

The universal water treatment technology can be at minimal low cost. The technology filters the actual contaminations in the water. Water that does not contain any chemical substances, bacteriological parameters, particulate turbidity and microorganisms goes directly to the water supply. This makes water treatment cheaper and clean drinking water affordable and available for all in the world.

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Quality level and monitoring

The water quality is digitally measured at the source by Q4W technology. Based on the measured quality, it is determined whether the water needs to be treated and treatment method is determined.

Directly usage clean drinking water

Clean water goes directly to the water supply. So no unnecessary treatment. This saves money and energy.

Treatment contaminated water

Contaminated water is treated in set alternative treatment technologies based on the type of contamination before it goes to the water supply. The treatment method is eco-friendly without generating waste water.


To strengthening system sustainability, reliability and continue clean drinking water supply, the user pays inexpensive fees for the water via cashless payment or using a mobile app connected to a smart meter with backup at home and/or business.

Clean drinking for all

One Q4W installation is capable of treating up to 208.000 m3 of water per day. This provides clean drinking water for 330.000 people.


The process of Q4W technology is innovative, simplified, eco-friendly, and free of chemicals.


Monitoring systems and treatment interventions ensure a reliable supply of clean drinking water.


Affordable access to clean drinking water provides employment to the local population and stimulates economic growth in the region.

Help us to make clean (drinking) water accessible to everyone

The Q4W solution is affordable and more sustainable than a regular water treatment installation.

We need seed capital for the roll-out of the project. And so we are looking for private individuals and business investors to support us in our mission to make drinking water accessible to everyone. With that money, the first installation in Ghana will be built and we can invest to further improve and expand our technology worldwide.

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The Ghana GA South project

Together with the local partner and landowners, we have determined the preconditions for a sustainable implementation of safe drinking water installation. The project takes place in Adjen Kotoku GA-South in the Great Accra province near the Densu River. The Densu is a 116 km long river that originates in the Atewa region and flows into a lively swamp.
With the Q4W drinking water technology installation we ensure a continuous supply of 208m3 of clean water per day. 330,000 people can drink from this per day.